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Licht als Instrument der Modulation und Manipulation

Januar 15, 2017

In dieser gemeinsamen Arbeit modelliert eine Choreographie der An- und Abwesenheit von Licht eine aktive Körperlichkeit im Raum. Das Licht wird zum Instrument einer punktuellen Sichtbarkeit, die konstruiert und dekonstruiert, zeigt und verbirgt. Nähe und Distanz zum Wahrgenommenen gilt es als Betrachter stets aufs Neue auszuhandeln und das Gefühl von Fremdheit und Vertrautheit zu hinterfragen.



November 30, 2016

Forget about the old colonial explorer routes! The Frutas Afrodisíacas sail from the exoticised spheres of South America right into the heart of the German metropolis. Here in West-Berlin’s fag movement of the 1980s, they search for commonalities, contradictions, and themselves. How did the AIDS crisis unite a whole community? Is there something like a queer heritage, and if so, what does it comprise?


Armor #1

Juli 27, 2016

For the costume design for „The Effect“ I started to develop a set of 5 armed tops for the performers. The material and cut are also a metaphor for an accelerated and unconventional armament.



Mai 27, 2016

Modular & Circular Stage System
We started a circular design project to create a sustainable spatial structure for a multifunctional use – interior and exterior – such as performance, exhibition, conference and workshop. We were inspired by temporary spaces that are based on a flexibility, mobility and lightness.


Denk’mal die Zukunft

Juli 23, 2015

In Denk’mal die Zukunft the artists relate to the architectural and social power relations as well as the future visions of the city of Berlin. A vertical moving sculpture in the space interacts as a second performer and creates different situations for the other performer who is attempting to appropriate and perpetrate his own city.

Formen der Trauer

September 29, 2014

Welche Aggregatzustände kann Trauer annehmen? Welche Trauer wird in der Gesellschaft sichtbar? Ein transdisziplinäres Team von Philosophie über Musik bis zur Physik erforscht Szenarien der Trauer und erprobt dabei eine Methode kollaborativen Forschens.


Monument to the future

September 18, 2014

Installative Intervention, Berlin, 2014
Our research is based on performative and dialogic processes in which we interview the passersby referring to their imagination for a monument of the future. An ephemeral spatial construction interacts with existing monuments – ’now‘ is meeting ‚yesterday‘ and asking about ‚tomorrow‘.


u m z i e h e n | r e – m o v i n g

August 4, 2013

i.a. Festival Internacional de Teatro, São José do Rio Preto, Brasil, 2012
Starting from the assumption that humans everywhere need to find a place they can call home, the artists Nathalie Fari and Michaela Muchina are creating various placements in the performance u m z i e h e n. Fari is exploring and outlining everyday situations in a foldable object in utopian locations. Her restricted movement will emphasize the ever-changing possibilities and limits of these locations.

haltestelle webfront

h a l t e s t e l l e

Juli 5, 2013

Stadt für eine Nacht, Potsdam, 2014
Forum for Life Art Flam 4, Amsterdam, 2013, Spreebogenpark, Berlin, 2012
The performance h a l t e s t e l l e places time- and site-related, interactive viewpoints on urban fields, where the spectator and performer share the same perspective. In a humorously way you get the invitation to withdraw from your thoughts for a moment and to put yourself and your environment
in a site-related context.



Oktober 31, 2012

Theater der Altmark, ANGST(FREI)-Festival, 2011
Auf der Suche nach einem ‚Rundum-Sorglos-Paket‘ eröffnen die AngstManagementAgenten ihr mobiles Dienstleistungsbüro, die ‚myVersicherung‘, eine Versicherungs-agentur gegen den Verlust der Angst.Als ‚long-duration-performance‘ sichern sie sich einen Arbeitsplatz, indem sie sich im Stadtraum einrichten, scheitern und institutioneller Parasit werden.



März 31, 2012

Yvo Wagener & Michaela Muchina,
Aachen, 2012



Januar 31, 2012

6th Edition of the Performance Art Festival VERBO, São Paulo, Brazil, 2010
Galeria Virgílio, São Paulo, Brazil, 2010
Brazilian Embassy, Berlin, 2009
Galerie Maud Piquion, Berlin, 2009
Snail-like (and also at a snail’s pace), a body twists itself a roof over its head – silver-grey foil that can be made almost cylindrical, into a type of snail shell. The human animal forces and squeezes its way inside and out of the shell…



Dezember 31, 2011

Berlin, 2010