By muchina, Januar 31, 2012


Material   metal paper, cardboard, glue

Performance  Nathalie Fari   Object, Costume  Michaela Muchina   Production atelier obra viva

6th Edition of the Performance Art Festival  VERBO, São Paulo, Brazil, 2010
Galeria Virgílio, São Paulo, Brazil, 2010
Brazilian Embassy, Berlin, 2009
Galerie Maud Piquion, Berlin, 2009

tableau kartographie Kopie

Photos  Christian von Ameln

Snail-like (and also at a snail’s pace), a body twists itself a roof over its head – silver-grey foil that can be made almost cylindrical, into a type  of snail shell. The human animal forces and squeezes its way inside and out of the shell; and who knows where and what “home” is? We can at least imagine that Fari’s snail shell is indicative of the cardboard box that is often “home” to many in favelas on the outskirts of São Paulo.

Michael Laages/, 10.08.2010