u m z i e h e n | r e – m o v i n g

By muchina, August 4, 2013

Material  textile, cardboard, velcro, glue, buttons

Galerie Filser & Gräf, München, 2018                                                                                                    Festival FIT – Festival Internacional de Teatro, São José do Rio Preto, Brasil, 2012
Motion 6 Festival by Richard Rabensaat, Berlin, 2011
Galerie Open by Alexandra Röckelmann, Berlin, 2011
MICA MOCA Projects, Berlin, 2011
Leistungsschau, Kunsthalle am Hamburger Platz, Berlin, 2011
Performer Stammtisch, Flutgraben e.V., Berlin, 2011
Marginale Festival, ACUD, Berlin, 2011

Starting from the assumption that humans everywhere need to find a place they can call home, the artists Nathalie Fari and Michaela Muchina are creating various placements in the performance u m z i e h e n. Fari is exploring and outlining everyday situations in a foldable object in utopian locations. Her restricted movement will emphasize the ever-changing possibilities and limits of these locations. As soon as there is a change in the space trough the object, this has a permanent effect on her body. She is trying to find a “home” on her way but constantly fails. The tension between the outside and inside of the body, as well as the tension between the here and there, the distance and proximity gets investigated in an unspoken, visual and associative way. In a globalized world what is still the meaning of home or shelter? Is the body relating to the space or is the space relating to the body?


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