By muchina, Mai 30, 2017

Eine Koproduktion des Ballhaus Naunynstraße und des

Studio Я – Maxim Gorki Theater, 2016

Created by and featuring Simon(è) J. Paetau, Jair Luna, Iury Trojaborg
Laura Paetau  Stage & Costume Design  Michaela Muchina




Forget about the old colonial explorer routes! The Frutas Afrodisíacas sail from the exoticised spheres of South America right into the heart of the German metropolis. Here in West-Berlin’s fag movement of the 1980s, they search for commonalities, contradictions, and themselves.

 How did the AIDS crisis unite a whole community? Is there something like a queer heritage, and if so, what does it comprise? For one night, we’ll transform the bar at Ballhaus Naunynstraße into Café Anal, where you will be merrily waited on and entertained. We will dance for you like Carmen Miranda with the fag troupe Ladies Neid.

 This night serves as a reminder for us to enjoy the fruits of our former struggles. A night about the explosive power of failure. A night against isolation and in support of taking the risk of consistently trying one another once more. Because we’re less lonely in a fruit salad.