Heimat hoch 3

Juli 11, 2017

Intervention /// „Heimat, Tradition, Ordnung sind Versprechen des Vergangenen, auf die gesetzt wird, weil die Lücke, die Diskrepanz zwischen Wunsch und Wirklichkeit doch irgendwie geschlossen werden muss.“

Monument to the future

September 18, 2014

Installative Intervention, Berlin, 2014
Our research is based on performative and dialogic processes in which we interview the passersby referring to their imagination for a monument of the future. An ephemeral spatial construction interacts with existing monuments – ’now‘ is meeting ‚yesterday‘ and asking about ‚tomorrow‘.

Anbauen | OPENiT Festival

Dezember 26, 2013

For the OPENiT Festival, an open, green Guerilla Festival that was founded by the open source economist Lars Zimmermann, Romy Kießling and Michaela Muchina developed an interview-guide about the upgraded area of ​​the Engelbecken concerning new neighbourhoods, town houses, gated communities and perspectives on urban gardening.

u m z i e h e n | r e – m o v i n g

August 4, 2013

i.a. Festival Internacional de Teatro, São José do Rio Preto, Brasil, 2012
Starting from the assumption that humans everywhere need to find a place they can call home, the artists Nathalie Fari and Michaela Muchina are creating various placements in the performance u m z i e h e n. Fari is exploring and outlining everyday situations in a foldable object in utopian locations. Her restricted movement will emphasize the ever-changing possibilities and limits of these locations.

h a l t e s t e l l e

Juli 5, 2013

Stadt für eine Nacht, Potsdam, 2014
Forum for Life Art Flam 4, Amsterdam, 2013, Spreebogenpark, Berlin, 2012
The performance h a l t e s t e l l e places time- and site-related, interactive viewpoints on urban fields, where the spectator and performer share the same perspective. In a humorously way you get the invitation to withdraw from your thoughts for a moment and to put yourself and your environment
in a site-related context.

Abschied vom Arbeitsmarkt Прощание с рынком трудa

Januar 1, 2013

Russian Museum, St. Petersburg, 2015, MUU Gallery, Helsinki, 2015, Krasnoyarsk Museum Center, 2013,
CA‘ FOSCARI ZATTERE, Cultural Flow Zone, „Capital of Nowhere“ Video Art, Venice, 2013,
Gallery Triumph, Moscow, 2012


Oktober 31, 2012

Theater der Altmark, ANGST(FREI)-Festival, 2011
Auf der Suche nach einem ‚Rundum-Sorglos-Paket‘ eröffnen die AngstManagementAgenten ihr mobiles Dienstleistungsbüro, die ‚myVersicherung‘, eine Versicherungs-agentur gegen den Verlust der Angst.Als ‚long-duration-performance‘ sichern sie sich einen Arbeitsplatz, indem sie sich im Stadtraum einrichten, scheitern und institutioneller Parasit werden.


März 31, 2012

Yvo Wagener & Michaela Muchina,
Aachen, 2012


Dezember 31, 2011

Berlin, 2010


März 2, 2010

Манеж, St. Petersburg, 2008
In ‚metro‘ we travel to the palaces of the working class
made by them for themselves
still being determined by traces of a system
which cannot be abandoned completely
which still evoke an echo.